Asbestos Inspections

Upon special request, an Asbestos Inspection can be included as an attachment to the Phase I ESA report.

An Asbestos Inspection should be conducted on structures built prior to 1980, which are likely to contain Asbestos Containing Material, also known as “ACM”. Most states now require an Asbestos Inspection prior to any remodeling or demolition work.

An Asbestos Inspection consists of physically walking through the proposed structure to note any areas, which may have suspect ACM. Samples may be collected during the inspection if requested by the client. If a sample contains more than 1% asbestos it is considered ACM and must be dealt with prior to any remodeling or demolition work. If the inspection determines that ACM is found in an area where there is no scheduled remodeling or demolition work, and the material is not friable (easy to crumble), the material may be left in place.

If you have any questions or comments on Asbestos Inspections please contact our office for an estimate.

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