About Great Plains Environmental

Environmental responsibility is an increasingly integral part of doing business in today's marketplace. The ever-expanding collection of environmental laws, regulations, procedures and requirements to maintain environmental compliance and minimize environmental liability has become a substantial component of commercial operations. 

Environmental issues affect so many people, including real estate buyers, sellers, and brokers, as well as engineers, architects, construction companies, banks, new business owners, and homeowners. Great Plains Environmental is dedicated to identifying and resolving environmental issues for all stakeholders to ensure positive outcomes on projects affecting people’s businesses, projects, and livelihoods.

During the 1980s, awareness of the environmental impact of petroleum storage systems was heightened with the enactment of Federally-mandated regulations on the operation of Underground Storage Tank (UST) systems. Newly-written regulations called for new UST requirements as well as upgrading of existing in-place systems. Along with these regulations, owners of USTs were also required to clean up any contamination soils and ground water resulting from operations of these systems.

To deal with the contamination and remediation work, owners of USTs turned to environmental consulting firms to assist in the work. The approach that was taken by these early environmental service providers, in cooperation with state regulators, was very aggressive as well as expensive.

Founded in 1989, Great Plains Environmental was built on the idea of finding and providing cost effective methods to effectively handle petroleum-based contamination of soil and water. We believe the way to approach environmental consulting uses risk-based analysis to design a solution that works best for our customers and the environment. Using this thought process we not only meet the regulatory requirements and remediate impacted properties, but also reduce both cost and business interruptions to our customers.

We are now a multi-disciplinary firm offering environmental solutions ranging from Phase I, II, and III site assessments, transaction screens, asbestos inspections and remedial investigations to environmental compliance, soil and water sampling, tank removals and cathodic protection testing.

Today Great Plains Environmental is one of a few environmental service providers who specialize in petroleum-impacted properties. When combined with our comprehensive environmental solution offering, we are able to serve all of your environmental management and compliance needs. We continue to find innovative, cost effective solutions for remediation as well as risk management and remain close to our roots providing environmental services to owners of petroleum storage systems while still providing holistic solutions.test


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