Transaction Screens

A Transaction Screen may be requested on a property, which has never been developed and the client is confident there are no recognized environmental conditions associated with the property.

During a Transaction Screen the owners and occupants shall complete a questionnaire according to the ASTM E 1528 guidelines. After the questionnaire is completed our personnel will conduct a site visit to address the same questions. If recognized environmental conditions are found during the Transaction Screen, the user of the information will determine if additional investigation is necessary. If additional investigation is necessary, a Phase I ESA may need to be suggested.

What's included in a TSA?

  • Site walk: The outdoor and indoor areas of the property are inspected for evidence of spills of hazardous substances or petroleum products, such as soil staining and petroleum odors, leaking containers, pipes or other evidence of underground storage tanks.
  • Regulatory Research: Federal, state, local, and tribal environmental records are reviewed out to distances ranging from 1/8 to 1 mile, depending on the database.
  • Limited Historical Research:  Fire insurance maps and historical city directories are reviewed.
  • Questionnaire:  A TSA Questionnaire is administered to the site owner and occupant by the environmental professional.
  • Report: The findings of the research, including any recommendations for further investigation, are summarized in a report along with site photographs and other relevant documentation, in accordance with a standard set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Practice E 1528-06, Limited Environmental Due Diligence Transaction Screen Process.

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